Frequently Asked Questions

I’m trying to run the code, but it’s not working, how do I fix it?

If your question is formulated in a short manner like the above, we won’t help. We don’t teach programming. If you’re unable to read and understand the Manual or you can’t follow precisely the guides from the CONTRIBUTING doc on how to report an issue, we won’t help either. Read the CONTRIBUTING guides on how to report an issue and read the Manual. You should not risk anyone’s money and time without reading the entire Manual very carefully. You should not risk anything if you’re not used to a lot of reading with tons of details. Also, if you don’t have the confidence with the programming language you’re using, there are much better places for coding fundamentals and practice. Search for python tutorials, js videos, play with examples, this is how other people climb up the learning curve. No shortcuts, if you want to learn something.

What is required to get help?

When asking a question:

  • Use the search button for duplicates first!
  • Post your request and response in ``verbose`` mode! Add exchange.verbose = true right before the line you’re having issues with, and copypaste what you see on your screen. It’s written and mentioned everywhere, in the Troubleshooting section, in the README and in many answers to similar questions among previous issues and pull requests. No excuses. The verbose output should include both the request and response from the exchange.
  • Include the full error callstack!
  • Write your programming language and language version number
  • Write the CCXT / CCXT Pro library version number
  • Which exchange it is
  • Which method you’re trying to call
  • Post your code to reproduce the problem. Make it a complete short runnable program, don’t swallow the lines and make it as compact as you can (5-10 lines of code), including the exchange instantation code. Remove all irrelevant parts from it, leaving just the essence of the code to reproduce the issue.
    • Surround code and output with triple backticks: ```GOOD```.
    • Don’t confuse the backtick symbol (`) with the quote symbol (‘): ‘’’BAD’’’
    • Don’t confuse a single backtick with triple backticks: `BAD`
  • DO NOT POST YOUR ``apiKey`` AND ``secret``! Keep them safe (remove them before posting)!

I am calling a method and I get an error, what am I doing wrong?

You’re not reporting the issue properly ) Please, help the community to help you ) Read this and follow the steps: Once again, your code to reproduce the issue and your verbose request and response ARE REQUIRED. Just the error traceback, or just the response, or just the request, or just the code – is not enough!

I got an incorrect result from a method call, can you help?

Basically the same answer as the previous question. Read and follow precisely: Once again, your code to reproduce the issue and your verbose request and response ARE REQUIRED. Just the error traceback, or just the response, or just the request, or just the code – is not enough!

Can you implement feature foo in exchange bar?

Yes, we can. And we will, if nobody else does that before us. There’s very little point in asking this type of questions, because the answer is always positive. When someone asks if we can do this or that, the question is not about our abilities, it all boils down to time and management needed for implementing all accumulated feature requests.

Moreover, this is an open-source library which is a work in progress. This means, that this project is intended to be developed by the community of users, who are using it. What you’re asking is not whether we can or cannot implement it, in fact you’re actually telling us to go do that particular task and this is not how we see a voluntary collaboration. Your contributions, PRs and commits are welcome:

We don’t give promises or estimates on the free open-source work. If you wish to speed it up, feel free to reach out to us via

When will you add feature foo for exchange bar ? What’s the estimated time? When should we expect this?

We don’t give promises or estimates on the open-source work. The reasoning behind this is explained in the previous paragraph.

When will you add the support for an exchange requested in the Issues?

Again, we can’t promise on the dates for adding this or that exchange, due to reasons outlined above. The answer will always remain the same: as soon as we can.

How long should I wait for a feature to be added? I need to decide whether to implement it myself or to wait for the CCXT Dev Team to implement it for me.

Please, go for implemeting it yourself, do not wait for us. We will add it as soon as we can. Also, your contributions are very welcome:

What’s your progress on adding the feature foo that was requested earlier? How do you do implementing exchange bar?

This type of questions is usually a waste of time, because answering it usually requires too much time for context-switching, and it often takes more time to answer this question, than to actually satisfy the request with code for a new feature or a new exchange. The progress of this open-source project is also open, so, whenever you’re wondering how it is doing, take a look into commit history.

What is the status of this PR? Any update?

If it is not merged, it means that the PR contains errors, that should be fixed first. If it could be merged as is – we would merge it, and you wouldn’t have asked this question in the first place. The most frequent reason for not merging a PR is a violation of any of the CONTRIBUTING guidelines. Those guidelines should be taken literally, cannot skip a single line or word from there if you want your PR to be merged quickly. Code contributions that do not break the guidelines get merged almost immediately (usually, within hours).

Can you point out the errors or what should I edit in my PR to get it merged into master branch?

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the time to quickly list out each and every single error in the code that prevents it from merging. It is often easier and faster to just go and fix the error rather than explain what one should do to fix it. Most of them are already outlined in the CONTRIBUTING guidelines. The main rule of thumb is to follow all guidelines literally.

Hey! The fix you’ve uploaded is in JS, would you fix Python / PHP as well, please?

Our build system generates exchange-specific Python and PHP code for us automatically, so it is transpiled from JS, and there’s no need to fix all languages separately one by one.

Thus, if it is fixed in JS, it is fixed in Python pip and PHP Composer as well. The automatic build usually takes 15-20 minutes. Just upgrade your version with pip or composer after the new version arrives and you’ll be fine.

More about it here: